SureFood® GMO SCREEN P35S:BAR Rice

Art. No.: S2022

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SureFood® GMO SCREEN P35S:BAR Rice

Art. No.: S2022

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Intended use

The test detects the genetically construct P35S:BAR. The LibertyLink 601 (LL601 – OECD unique identifier BCS-OSØØ3-7) Rice and the LibertyLink 62 (LL62 – OECD unique identifier ACS-OSØØ2-5) Rice contains this genetically construct but it is also present in other GMOs as StarLink Corn and Bt176 Corn.

The detection of P35S:BAR is according to the validated method of the European Commission (“Report on the verification of a construct-specific detection method for identification of Rice GM-events containing P35S:BAR using a real-time PCR assay” from the Joint Research Centre, the Community Reference Laboratory). Additionally the kit contains a reference PCR system for the detection of Rice.


General Information

The real-time PCR assay can be used with established real-time PCR instruments (Roche LightCycler®, Rotor-Gene Q, ABI PRISM, Eppendorf realplex, BioRad CFX96, Agilent MxSeries etc.).

Art. NoS2022
Test format100 reactions, whereas 50 reactions are used for detection of the reference gene.
Sample preparationThe real-time PCR kit can be used in combination with the SureFood® PREP Basic or SureFood® PREP Advanced Kit. The use of SureFood® PREP Advanced kit protocol 1 (preparation of 100 mg of the homogenized sample with 1.3 ml Lysis Buffer) increases the DNA yield. This ensures the required limit of detection of 0.01 % in unprocessed Rice grain.
LOD (Detection Limit)The P35S:BAR PCR has a limit of detection of ≤ 5 DNA copies. This is equivalent to approx. 0.01 % for unprocessed Rice grain. The assay limit of detection depends on sample matrix, processing grade, DNA preparation and DNA content.
Cross Reactivity.

none known