Ready-to-use culture medium plates are the ideal tool to monitor hygiene. The easy-to-use plates contain specific culture mediums that promote the growth of selected microorganisms.

Culture mediums such as our Compact Dry and RIDA®STAMP products significantly simplify food microbiology. The investigation is based on the cultivation of the microorganism on appropriately-modified standard culture mediums. The principle of detection is based on specific chromogenic substrates that are decomposed into colored products in the metabolism of the microorganisms. After an incubation period, it is easy to see whether the respective parameters were present in the food sample or on the tested surface.

Compact Dry – easy-to-use dry medium plates for food microbiology

The Compact Dry product line is based on a ready-to-use culture medium pad for the cultivation of microorganisms and offers a series of application possibilities in the microbiological food analysis. Since it is easy to use and has a special detection technique, the Compact Dry plates makes it possible for the user to significantly reduce the overall duration of the microbiological assay to some extent. In doing so, it is possible to achieve maximum productivity and increased efficiency when executing the analyses. Compact Dry is a tried and tested, reliable alternative method for the microbiological analysis of food samples and is an excellent method for the hygienic monitoring of surfaces. In combination with the Promedia ST-25 sampling system (item no. Z0302), it is possible to carry out surface swab tests easily and effectively. Due to the net-like structure of the culture medium pads of the Compact Dry plates, they are particularly well suited for the incubation of membrane filters after the filtration of liquid food samples (water, beverages). Compact Dry plates can be stored at room temperature for up to two years. Most of the tests are validated in accordance with ISO 16140 and/or AOAC-RI.

Product overview

You can find more information on Compact Dry and a comprehensive product overview in our free brochure.

RIDA®STAMP – easy-to-handle agar plates for direct stamps

The RIDA®STAMP product line is available as an addition to the Compact Dry test plates. These ready-to-use agar plates were developed for direct surface contact and represents an easy-to-handle and practical contact plate with specific detection media. It is an easy and efficient method to carry out regular, targeted hygiene controls. Stamps can be created on all even surfaces within the production area as well as on solid food. RIDA®STAMP is based on a specific plastic petri dish containing specific nutrient agar. The application is very easy: Open the plate, perform the stamp, incubate, evaluate — finished!  The petri dishes can easily be stacked inside an incubator because of their design and small size. They also barely take up any space when stored inside a refrigerator. Contrary to many other agar-based stamp systems, the RIDA®STAMP agar plates are characterized by a long shelf life.

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