Lateral flow assays combine a complete antibody-based test system on a single membrane strip and allow to detect various analytes in only a few minutes.

Lateral flow devices (LFD) are immunochromatographic rapid test strips. As with other immunological assays, the test method is based on an antigen-antibody reaction. To perform the analysis, the test strip is dipped into the liquid sample. If the analyte is present in the sample, a colored line becomes visible on the test strip after 5 minutes. This visual evaluation allows for qualitative and semi-quantitative analysis. Using a LFD reader, the test strips can also be analyzed quantitatively. In addition to fast results and easy handling, the advantages of lateral flow tests lie in low costs and high validity.

The easy-to-handle RIDA®QUICK rapid tests from R-Biopharm are a suitable and fast option for the analysis of mycotoxins and allergens. These versatile dipsticks are available for various analytes and are validated for many matrices. For an efficient allergen management, the RIDA®QUICK allergen tests can also be used for swabbing. A qualitative and semi-quantitative analysis is performed by visual evaluation, which is simple in handling and requires no reader equipment. The RIDA®QUICK mycotoxin tests can also be analyzed quantitatively, using a digital reader (e.g. RIDA®QUICK SCAN) or the new and innovative RIDA®SMART APP. This conventient smartphone app uses the excellent technology of modern smartphones to analyze lateral flow test strips in a fast and accurate way and at a very competitive price.

Lateral flow assays have a number of advantages:

  • Fast results
  • Suitable for on-site analysis
  • Highly specific
  • Validated
  • No laboratory equipment required
  • No hazardous materials contained
  • Easy to use, can be performed by untrained personal

The tests offered by R-Biopharm AG provide an instrument which enables the user to achieve two major objectives: firstly, to monitor compliance with the legally prescribed standards, and secondly, to avoid financial loss by systematic analysis of foods, raw materials and feedstuffs.

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