Enzymatic assays

Precise and specific measurement of food compounds

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Enzymatic assays: From single to high-throughput testing

Discover the versatility of enzymatic test kits in analysing wines, fruit juices, and dairy products. At R-Biopharm AG, we understand the diverse needs of our customers, ranging from small- to large-scale industrial labs. Our offerings include:

For single testing
Effortless testing with RIDA®CUBE Kits: Ideal for settings without a lab, these kits require just one pipetting step. Utilize the RIDA®CUBE SCAN for results in 15 minutes. Experience simplicity with pre-filled cartridges and the assurance of precise, quantitative outcomes.

For low to medium throughput
The distinctive features of the Enzytec™ Liquid kits are ready-to-use, stable reagents and a standardized testing procedure, involving only three pipetting steps. Furthermore, Enzytec™ Liquid contains two independent sets of reagents to lower risk of contamination.

For medium to high sample throughput
Flexibility with Enzytec™ Liquid kits: Optimized for both manual and automated use, these kits are compatible with any analyzer, such as the Pictus 500, leading to high-volume testing efficiently.
Unique highlights of our modern Enzytec™ Liquid product line:
Enzytec™ Liquid Ethanol: Recognized as the AOAC-Official Method of Analysis (2017.07) and recommended by theo Codex Alimentarius Method (Type IV).
Enzytec™ Liquid Citric Acid: The only citric acid test kit world-wide with stable, liquid reagents.

Our Enzytec™ Liquid Multi-acid standards and Enzytec™ Liquid Multi-sugar standards contain 7 acids or sugars at different concentrations: low and high. These external multi-acid and multi-sugar standards ensure accuracy and cost-effectiveness of enzymatic testing.

Explore our range and find the perfect solution for your enzymatic testing needs!

Enzymatic analysis product overview

You can find a comprehensive overview of our enzymatic test kits in our free brochure.

Enzymatic tests for food analysis

Enzymatic tests are essential analytical tools used for the determination of sugars, acids, alcohols, and other food components in a wide range of products, including fruit juices, wine, beer, dairy products, eggs, and meat.